Giving Tuesday

9 Years Later

Today is Giving Tuesday; a now, globally recognized day of offering help to those in need. Nine years ago today, I began a personal philanthropy project to provide little pick-me-up packages to people I’d encounter on my morning commute here in Boston.

This year, I’ve spent the day expanding my outreach by reaching out to assorted acquaintances, clients, colleagues, friends, and family members to see who might be interested in contributing to my campaign…

…and who might be interested in purchasing a kit to give to someone whom they feel could use a little kindness to brighten their day. Although in the past nine years, I have added many different sizes of Cocoon Kits, I thought it appropriate that I should offer up the one that I first started out with back in 2016.

And so as the sun begins to set and temperatures begin to drop, I’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Be well. Stay safe. And if you get the chance to change someone’s life for the better, if even for a moment. Go for it! ^_^


or to participate.